This office development for developer Time Projects is 1800m2 of office spaces shared between twin blocks of two office floors each. The buildings are raised with parking at ground level. 

This is a scheme where simple and efficient office space was required with plenty of natural daylight penetration into the interiors. Up to two tenants occupy each floor per building.


2015 (5 Star Rating 2022)

Mashatu is the first building to achieve 5 star as built green rating outside South Africa. The first 5- Star As built certification in Botswana. Mashatu also achieved Botswana’s first Net Zero Carbon modelling rating.

Prime Plaza 1


The office development of 11270m2 provides quality conventional office space, with good access in Gaborone central business district. The success of Prime Plaza is built on cost effective design, with maximum usable space that is efficient as either as open plan or cellular offices. Grade A quality finishes throughout.

Prime Plaza 2

2022 - ongoing

The proposed east west orientated building 1 area is 2845m2 to cater for office space with maximum natural light and ventilation. The 5 star green rating has been achieved at design level showcasing the efficiency of a sustainable office space while reducing the operating costs and carbon footprint. The building is designed to provide occupants with visual connection to the external environment with daylight glare control and achieving high levels of thermal comfort.



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